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Welcome to Pacific Coastal Reserves

Who We Are/ What We Do

Pacific Coastal Reserves is a supplier of professional reserve and transition study reports designed to aid condominiums, townhomes, planned unit developments, apartment buildings, golf courses, recreational facilities, retirement communities, hi-rises, timeshares, commercial complexes office buildings and religious facilities in meeting their fiduciary responsibilities. Pacific Coastal Reserves’ inspectors and analysts have worked with over 1,000 complexes throughout Nevada, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Goals/Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide each client with a comprehensive, easy to read; yet affordable, budgetary report to help meet their future funding needs. At Pacific Coastal Reserves we always tailor our studies to fit the specific needs of our clients by working closely with association boards, managers and developers for Transition Studies throughout the reserve study process. We feel that building and maintaining a close relationship will enable us to better meet our clients’ future needs and goals.

About Our Studies

Pacific Coastal Reserves studies meet and exceed all National Reserve Study Standards set forth by the Community Association Institute (CAI), follow the general acceptable accounting principles (GAAP), and exceed all minimum guidelines outlined in the state statutes of Nevada, California and Hawaii. Our Transition Studies are an integral tool for a smooth handoff from the Developer to a newly formed Association.

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